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Simple Present

The simple present is used:

  • to give opinions - I like ice cream. I don't like spicy food.
  • to talk about schedules - The library opens at eight. It doesn't open at 7.
  • to talk about daily habits (routine actions)- Sara eats a cheese for breakfast every day. She doesn't eat cereal.
  • to give facts - The earth circles the sun. The moon doesn't circle the sun.

The spelling of the third person singular form of the simple present:

All the verbs take an "s" in the simple present when conjugated in the third person singular (he, she, it) form:


  • I visit my parents every summer holiday. But my wife visits her parents every weekend.
  • My brother meets his girlfriend everyday.

So the rule is:

He / she / it + Verb + S

There are however some special cases. Here are the spelling rules:

Silent e
Vowel + y
Consonant + y
Verbs ending ino
Verbs ending in s, z, sh, tch,ch
close = closes 
 = notes
play = plays
say = says
study = studies 
 = marries
go = goes 
do = does
miss = misses
buzz = buzzes
hatch = hatches
finish = finishes
teach = teaches

Things to remember about the simple present:

1.In the interrogative forms, we use "do" or "does".

  • "Do you like the house?"
  • "Does she go to school?"

2; Verbs never take an "s" in the the negative and interrogative forms.

  • "Does he speak German?"
  • "Do they play soccer?"
  • She doesn't like ice cream.

3. don't is the short form of "do not". You can say either:

  • I do not speak Italian, or
  • I don't speak Italian.

4.doesn't is the short form of "does not". you can say either:

  • He does not listen to jazz music, or
  • He doesn't listen to jazz music.



Subject + verb + complements

Example: I play tennis everyday.

We add letters “s” to the verb with the third person (he, she, it)

Ex: She plays tennis everyday.


Subject + don’t or doesn’t + complements

Ex: I don’t play tennis.

       She doesn’t play tennis.     
Don’t: I, You, We, They

Doesn’t: He, She, It


Do or Does + Subject + verb + complements

Ex: Do you play tennis?     Yes, I do / No, I don’t.

       Does she play tennis? Yes, she does / No, she doesn’t.

Do: I, You, We, They

Does: He, She, It 

Here you have a video explaining the simple present, have a look!!! 

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